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Best Deer Scent — 2018 Reviews And Top Picks

Best Deer Scent — 2018 Reviews And Top Picks

There are such scents called sexual which hunters use to attract the animal. Attractant scent contains simple doe or buck urine. People still argue about the effectiveness of the scents, but a great range of hunters assure that the products work. However, using urine to attract deer is half of the hunting plan. Every hunter should know how to use the attractant right. We’ve made a list of top 10 deer scents to prove that it can help hunters and reveal more facts about the scents! Some of goods are the true findings!

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  • Tink’s #69 Doe-in-Rut Buck Lure
  • /5 Stars
  • Check price!
  • 100% natural urine which is ready to use
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  • Conquest Scents RuttingBuck Pack
  • /5 Stars
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  • Last long enough after using
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  • Dead Down Wind Grand Slam Kit
  • /5 Stars
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  • Contains everything you need in 1 pack
1Tink's #69 Doe-in-Rut Buck Lure4 FL.OZ (118 ml) $$$
2Conquest Scents RuttingBuck Pack2.5 OZ (70.87 grams)$$$
3Dead Down Wind Grand Slam Kit-$$
4Buck Bomb Doe In Estrus6.65 OZ$$
5Conquest Scents Hunters Pack Vs-1 And Ever Calm Stick2.5 OZ$$$
6Tink's #69 Doe-in-Rut Buck Lure1 FL.OZ$
7Code Blue Whietail Doe Estrous1 OZ$
8Tink's #1 Doe-P Deer Lure1 FL.OZ$
9Code Blue CR Triple Buck N Does Combo2 FL.OZ$
10Wildlife 240-4 Active Scrape4 FL.OZ$$



1. Tink’s #69 Doe-in-Rut Buck Lure – Try To Attract As Many Deers As It Possible!

The high quality of the whitetail doe’s urine is produced during its estrus cycle.

The bottle is easy to open with a single twist and squirt to use. It shows up an effective lure as includes only original urine.

The durability of the lure can be up to 24 hours but it depends on the weather. If it is too hot then the lure will evaporate, same as on the rainy day.

What we like
100% natural doe estrus urine;
Easy to open;
What we don't like
Not enough strong;
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2. Conquest Scents RuttingBuck Pack – The Best Cover Scent You May Find!

The set includes Deer Herd Scent and Testosterone Scent for pre-rut, rut and post-rut. Do not miss a chance to try the first calming scent in the world!

Due to it is a wax stick, it does not leak or spills. Moreover it lasts longer than a liquid.

As the stick can be pulled out with the castor opener which can simply break down, and then it becomes a problem to use the item further.

What we like
Convenient pack;
Long-lasting stick formula;
What we don't like
Castor opener;
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3. Dead Down Wind Grand Slam Kit – Be Prepared For Deer Hunting For A Full Due!

The kit includes laundry detergent, bar soap, hand sanitizer, field spray and refills, wind checker and a fleece skullcap. Here’s everything you need for big hunting!

The products do not contain any of chemicals or heavy metals what makes it a skin-safe for hunter. The kit of 7 items is rather great as you have everything ready at hand.

Some of the products may leak in the box.

What we like
Great volume;
What we don't like
Leak out;
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4. Buck Bomb Doe In Estrus – Spray And Watch The Deer Running To You!

It has never been so easy to hunt an animal since the Buck Bomb spray appeared. Easy to use and original doe in estrus urine can be a perfect item to choose.

No matter where you are going to spray it, on the tree, leaf or crop, it still produces natural smell. It won’t degrade as it has 3 years shelf-life.

The trigger may stop working.

What we like
100% natural urine;
Sticks to everything;
UV light-protected;
What we don't like
Bad trigger;
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5. Conquest Scents Hunters Pack Vs-1 And Ever Calm Stick – The Powerful Scents For Compos Price

These are two unique products from ConQuest: the only deer estrus scent with actual vaginal secretions and the world’s first calming scent. Sounds great and worth trying!

Thanks to wax-stick formula the scent does not leak or spill and lasts for a long time. You can use it for pre-rut, rut or post-rut seasons.

VS1 scent may not be effective as the amount of active substance in it is too small.

What we like
Wax-stick formula;
Suits all seasons;
What we don't like
Ineffective VS1;
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6. Tink’s #69 Doe-in-Rut Buck Lure – Works Well-Enough For A Buck!

If you look for a great and high quality of performance then this lure can be a good choice. More results you can observe if to use it during the rut season.

Natural urine which is collected from whitetail doe in estrus cycle is effective in attracting deer.

It does not smell like real urine that means the product can be half fake.

What we like
100% natural urine;
Convenient bottle;
What we don't like
Not natural smell;
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7. Code Blue Whietail Doe Estrous – Make Deer Come Like Moths To Fire!

If you want to use scent which is exclusively natural urine, you should choose Code Blue’s. True-to-life effectiveness is guaranteed!

The manufacture claims the urine is 100% natural and is collected from doe in heat. Moreover, every bottle contains only urine of one deer and is given its registered number.

Probably the smell of the lure is light that any deer come out.

What we like
Original urine;
Bottles with own unique number;
What we don't like
Light smell;
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8. Tink’s #1 Doe-P Deer Lure – Works Well Any Season You Hunt!

Finally, you can forget about what type of lure it is and when to use as this one suits all seasons long! Try new distinctive smell!

The lure can be used during all seasons that make it universal. Simple design of the bottle points at easy usage. Natural smell of the doe urine attracts bucks.

Some claims the smell has chemical odor.

What we like
All-season lure;
Natural urine;
Easy usage;
What we don't like
Not natural smell;
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9. Code Blue CR Triple Buck N Does Combo – The Best Buck Lure Works Like A Magnet!

The kit includes 3 lures: buck urine, doe urine and estrus. The chance to harvest a buck is bigger than ever before!

The lures can be used at early or late season. Thanks to different types of urine you always can use the one that suits better or mix them. On a hot day you do not have to worry that the urine evaporates as it is protected from high temperatures.

For a proper usage of these urines you should find out the deer’s cycle and pattern otherwise, you fail.

What we like
Different types of urine;
High-temperatures protection;
All season-long;
What we don't like
Requires some knowledge to use it;
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10. Wildlife 240-4 Active Scrape – Increase Your Chances The Buck Shows Up!

This is an unpredictable mix of doe urine, estrus secretions and buck urine. It is as effective as long-lasting product!

Thanks to the mix of different urines the lure attracts more bucks in the area and provides longer duration of the effect.

It may not work well-enough at the dripper as the manufacture promises.

What we like
New original formula;
What we don't like
No effect at the dripper;
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Buyer’s Guide – How to Choose a Deer Scent

There are various deer scents and due to the list of the best deer scent contains doe’s urine or mixes of urines exclusively, we are going to explain how to choose the right one.

  • Doe Urine. Any time of the year you may use it to attract the bucks in the area. Usually, this scent allows them to understand that the area is not dangerous. The best time to use this type of lure is in the early season when bucks do not try to compete with each other and wander together.

  • Buck Urine. To make a buck come to your area, you should use this one when the bucks become vigorous. When the buck smells this urine, the animal accepts the challenge.

  • Doe Estrus. This is the most popular scent to use in the rut season when the buck was chasing a doe. Use the buck urine to mask own scent and to make the animal come to your area closer.

How Does It Work In Nature?

The effectiveness of the scent depends on the weather conditions. For example, the slightest breeze carries the odor on a long distance. Stormy wind spreads the odor so it is hard for deer to identify the location of it. Whether the air is warm or cool, the scent can move uphill and downhill. On a rainy day, it is almost impossible for deer to smell the scent. If you apply the scent above the ground, it is also a problem for deer.

How To Select The Right One?

  • Early Season. It is better to use ordinary doe urine. Do not use estrus scent as the buck feels that it is not normal for this period.

  • Early Season. It is better to use ordinary doe urine. Do not use estrus scent as the buck feels that it is not normal for this period.

  • Pre-Rut Season. It’s time for buck urine as they were getting ready for the oncoming rut.

  • Rut Season. It is exactly when doe estrus urine is needed. It is also recommended to mix it with some gland.

  • Post-Rut Season. This is when you go back using simple doe urine again as the bucks start to think more about food. By the way, the tenseness of the second rut time is much milder than the first one.


The key to draw a buck is using the right scent at the right time. It is also important to look for high-quality products. However, you may never know why deer get attracted by this or that lure for sure. The only thing you left is to choose the one from the list and to try your luck! If one scent doesn’t work, you can always try another one, but it is not recommended to mix them.

Also, don’t forget about wicks!

Deer scent wicks

Scent wicks are absorbent felt tags that help to hold the scent and disperse it to provide maximum effectiveness. Hunter puts on it the deer lure attractant or cover scent. There are also cotton balls, which comes in plastic canisters. However, they may alter scents since it is mixed with the material of the canisters.

Scent wicks are used for a few purposes. The first one is that it helps to mask human’s odor, the second one is when you hunt where a lot of trees or low lying bushes it is better to use scent wicks. Scent wicks are highly absorbent and thanks to them hunter easily can lay down the perfect scent trail straight to his stand. Scent pads can be used with various multi-purpose scents, including those, which conceal the odor of hunter. It’s important to not hang the scent wick too early before you start to shoot the target.

Hunter may use scent wicks on any day placing them even in a zip-lock plastic bag and use it on the next hunting day. You just need to refresh them by adding a little more scent on them.




Wildlife Research Pro-Wick Scent Dispenser – Easy To Use, Maximum Reach!

You just need to hang this scent dispenser on branches or twigs to wick out the scent. It does not alter or change the smell of the lure you use additionally. This 4 pack Pro-Wick scent dispenser provides an extreme absorbance and high scent dispersion.

It is made of special synthetic felt. It is easy to use by hanging it where you need it. There are 4 units of scent dispenser. It comes in a convenient resalable, zip lock bag.

Difficult to dip into a scent bottle.

What we like
4 units in a pack;
High intensity;
Simple to use;
What we don't like
Not too thin;
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Wildlife Research 375 Key-Wick Scent Absorbing Wick – Hang It Up And It Will Wick Out For Real!

Thanks to the patented design you can insert Key-Wicks right into the bottle of hunting scent. Then you hang it on a branch or twig 6 feet above the ground where you’re going to hunt.

The pack includes 4 units. The scent wick is made of special synthetic felt that doesn’t affect hunting lure and indeed wicks out the scent.

It may dry out very quickly.

What we like
Convenient shape;
Special synthetic felt;
Extreme absorbance;
High scent dispersion;
Easy to use;
Zip lock bag;
What we don't like
It lasts not too long;
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