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Best Fishing Backpacks 2018 – Reviews And Top Picks

Best Fishing Backpacks 2018 – Reviews And Top Picks

When you go on fishing, it’s important not only to take with you all the necessary accessories, tackles and clothes, but also competently pack it. This issue should be approached with great responsibility. In this case, a great help can be provided by bags and backpacks for fishing. There is an incredible amount of different backpacks. Many manufacturers position them in different ways. It often turns out that all of them differ only in size, number of pockets and materials. The bigger the backpack is the thicker the fabric. In general, not every backpack is suitable for fishing. The compactness, waterproof fabric, lightness come to the fore. You need a lot of small pockets inside to place baits, hooks, baits and other things that are to be at hand. At the same time, it is necessary to fix the fishing rods. For this, a fishing bag is made with external hinges, as well as hinges for attaching additional bags and pouches. In general, the backpack for fishing looks like an average tourist backpack, but it has a more regular rectangular shape, which allows you to rationally use the internal volume. The color of the pack is different. The backpack for fishing should be inconspicuous in the forest. Rigid frame, many small compartments, the possibility of external hardware fastening, waterproofing – that’s the image of an ideal bag-backpack for fishing. We propose the list of fishing backpacks, which worth your attention!

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  • Wild River by CLC WT3604 Backpack
  • /5 Stars
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  • Weight: 4 pounds
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  • Shimano Blackmoon Medium Fishing Backpack
  • /5 Stars
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  • Weight: 4 pounds
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  • Wild River 3508 Multi-Tackle Small Backpack
  • /5 Stars
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  • Weight: 3.15 pounds
1 Wild River by CLC WT3604 Backpack4 pounds
2Shimano Blackmoon Medium Fishing Backpack4 pounds
3Wild River 3508 Multi-Tackle Small Backpack3.15 pounds
4Spiderwire Fishing Tackle Backpack4.6 pounds
5Wild River by CLC WT3503 Tackle Tek Recon Backpack4.3 pounds
6Lixada Tactical Waist Pack Utility2.1lb - 3.3lb
7Fishing Tackle HD Backpack by Pure Power Gear-
8SpiderWire Sling Fishing Backpack1.32 pounds
9Piscifun Waterproof Single Shoulder Fishing Tackle Storage Bag1.76 pounds
10BLISSWILL Outdoor Multifunctional Tackle Bag866g/1.9lb



1. Wild River by CLC WT3604 Backpack – Awesome Storage Design and Easy Access to All Gear

Weight: 4 pounds;

The Wild River Nomad is one of the best tackle backpacks. It is big, versatile, and popular among anglers who want to have high quality fishing backpack for reasonable price. It is made of notch and nylon fabric. There are padded shoulder straps, and rust proof zippers.

There are 5 side and back pouches, so the capacity is great. It won’t weight you down as it has a rigid base with rubber feet. It has 4 Plano 3600 utility boxes, which are there to store baits, etc. There are also tool holders for fishing pliers and scissors, and a lanyard for a line cutter. There are the built in rain fly and the hard sided sunglasses holder at the very top of the pack.

There is no hip strap so when you carry it loaded it’s comfortable and secure.

What we like
Anti-rust zippers;
Padded shoulders;
4 Plano 3600 utility boxes;
Built in rain fly;
Glasses holder;
What we don't like
No hip strap;
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2. Shimano Blackmoon Medium Fishing Backpack – Heavy-Duty Quality With Enough Space For Items

Weight: 4 pounds;

The Shimano Blackmoon Fishing Backpack features heavy-duty material, you won’t be afraid of licking or durability. The sack includes shoulder pads that prevent stress of the lower back and do not weight angler down. This backpack is perfect if you are going to walk long distances in order to reach the best fishing spot.

There is enough storage space. It has pockets to organize all tools. The backpack comes with 2 utility boxes for lures and other tackle. It also comes with the rain cover to keep sack dry. There are the mesh rod holders to free hands.

The tray area is difficult to reach as you have to unzip the middle of the bag and unfold it to get to it. The sack can’t storage cold items.

What we like
Heavy-duty material;
Big pockets;
Front tray area;
Utility boxes;
Mesh rod holders;
What we don't like
Problems with tray;
No cold item's storage option;
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3. Wild River 3508 Multi-Tackle Small Backpack – East Transportation Of Fishing Gear

Weight: 3.15 pounds;

Here is another backpack from Wild River. It comes in two sizes. The largest backpack’s dimensions – 21″H x 15″W x 6″D, and smallest one – is 19″H x 12.75″W x 5″D. There are pretty good shoulder straps. The backpack provides a lot of storage space in the top pack compartment, and side pouches. They feature plastic zippers that won’t become rusty.

The lower tray compartment can store about 4 trays. Large upper storage area has removable divider that can store big items. Front pocket can be folded down. There are large adjustable padded shoulder straps. To keep maps and licenses dry there’s internal pocket which is waterproof.

The stitching on pack wears out if to carry too heavy gear very often. There’s no rain cover to keep pack dry.

What we like
Space for trays;
Removable divider;
Adjustable shoulder straps;
Waterproof internal pocket;
What we don't like
No rain cover;
Bad stitching;
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4. Spiderwire Fishing Tackle Backpack – Plenty of Storage Space For Reasonable Price

Weight: 4.6 pounds;

The backpack is made of polyester and turns out to be tough; it also has great strapping for comfortable wear. The small top compartment is great for storing personal items while the middle compartment has insulation and provides place for food. The lower compartment is for tackle boxes. This pack includes 3 medium utility boxes.

The exterior of the pack is equipped with mounts for fishing tools and has a system for carrying a fishing pole. There is space for glasses like foam molded glasses case. The pack is flat on the bottom and stands upright if you set it down.

This backpack resists water but it is not totally waterproof.

What we like
3 separate compartments;
Flat bottom;
Great price;
3 medium utility boxes;
What we don't like
Not waterproof;
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5. Wild River by CLC WT3503 Tackle Tek Recon Backpack – Perfect Pack for Long Fishing Trips

Weight: 4.3 pounds;

If you look for something less massive then the Wild River Recon tackle backpack is great choice. This pack is ideal multi-day fishing trips.

The tackle tray size is Plano 3500, which are included (there are 4 of them). The pack is compact, but has a divider. The side pockets are slimmed up in size. There are holders for pliers, Led light, rain fly, and retractable lanyard for attaching line clippers.

It turns out that the size of the pack in the picture is not the same what you get in reality.

What we like
Removable plier holder;
External and internal mesh pockets;
LED light system;
Protective rain cover;
Large adjustable padded shoulder straps;
Clear internal pockets;
Removable divider;
What we don't like
Wrong size;
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6. Lixada Tactical Waist Pack Utility – Resists Water And Scratches

Weight: 2.1lb – 3.3lb;

This fishing backpack provides many compartments to store and organize as much gear as possible. Polyester fabric makes the pack water-resistant and anti-scratch.

Thanks to removable divider the backpack can store large items. Four zippered side pockets and two mesh pouches provide additional storage for small items. Adjustable padded shoulder straps for better comfort and fit. Padded mesh back panels for breathability. Clear zippered interior pocket keeps dry documents. Rugged base pads protect the backpack from being scratched.

The bottom strap is not that durable.

What we like
Removable divider;
Adjustable shoulder straps;
What we don't like
Bad quality of bottom strap;
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7. Fishing Tackle HD Backpack by Pure Power Gear – Heavy-Duty Bag For Multi-Purposed Trips

Weight: -;

This backpack includes most of all important issues for anglers. Just imagine that the pack can store about 10 fishing trays. Thanks to the pads at the base of the pack it will be always dry and clean. There are enough additional pockets for extra items.

Lower tray compartment is for storage of up to 4 medium. It comes with 3 trays. There is sunglass holder. Front pocket cover folds down. There are also large adjustable padded shoulder straps.

The trays do not fit the pouches but the main widemouth opening.

What we like
3 trays included;
Adjustable straps;
External and internal mesh pockets;
Removable pliers holder;
Carrying handle;
What we don't like
Small pockets;
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If you need something smaller here is our choice of best fishing sling packs:

Sling backpacks with one strap belong to regular models and light version of backpack. Typically, they are not designed for transportation of big weights. The advantage of this pack is the originality of the design and the convenience of moving the backpack to the stomach, which provides quick access to its contents. The fishing bag like this has compact dimensions and minimum weight. Either a shoulder strap or special harnesses are used to make the bag a kind of backpack. This small but capacious backpack is ideal for spinning or fly fishing, as well as for bottom fishing. It is made in such a way that it does not restrict movements and guarantee the fisherman access to everything that he needs. The backpack can be moved to the chest in one motion.




8. SpiderWire Sling Fishing Backpack – Nice Compact Pack For Easy And Comfortable Fishing Trips

Weight: 1.32 pounds;

The Sling Pack by Spiderwire is lightweight version that can be worn on the chest or shoulder. It provides quick access to fishing gear on the go. It features 4 exterior pockets with zipper closures to store gear and a large main compartment for additional items.

The pack features rugged exterior material and web pliers holder. It includes one medium utility box. Multiple exterior pockets with zipper. Padded sunglass pocket with interior fleece lining. High-density foam molded back for extra comfort. Shoulder strap adjusts to wear on left or right side.

The outer layer of the pack is not waterproof.

What we like
Rugged material;
1 utility tackle box;
Adjustable shoulder strap;
Foam molded back;
What we don't like
Non-waterproof outer layer;
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9. Piscifun Waterproof Single Shoulder Fishing Tackle Storage Bag – Multifunctional Backpack With Breathable Mesh

Weight: 1.76 pounds;

This pack is quite helpful as the reflective sticker reflects the lights when it’s dark. To wear it is comfortable thanks to widened shoulder strap and breathable mesh. You can storage the lures, pliers, boxes and more.

It has two adjustable shoulder straps so you can wear it in various designs. One side has 2 pockets and a buckle for fishing pliers, etc. There are also rod belts. 3 inner layers in the main compartment. The bag also comes with many exterior pockets. 2 retractable strings help to fasten the bottle. It has anti-corrosion SBS zippers. The pack itself is made of 1000D water-resistant nylon.

There are pockets which are too small so it’s impossible to fit in even an average item.

What we like
Adjustable shoulder straps;
Rod belts;
Anti-corrosion SBS zippers;
What we don't like
Small pockets;
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10. BLISSWILL Outdoor Multifunctional Tackle Bag – Portable Bag With Convenient Storage Space Of A Good Quality

Weight: 866g/1.9lb;

The backpack by Blisswill shows a great durability. It’s quite moderate in size. It can store everything what you need for fishing. The multifunctional features of the pack are provided by 3 adjustable and detachable straps, so the bag can be worn differently.

The pack made of nylon that resists water. It is extra firm stitched. Full-length double zipper. The lengthened and widened shoulder pads relieve shoulder stress, making wear more comfortable and convenient.

The shoulder strap can dig in if to carry over 2 pounds. The water bottle holder is tiny and tight.

What we like
Abrasion resistance;
Corrosion resistance;
Moderate size;
Adjustable shoulder strap;
What we don't like
Not for big loads;
Small bottle pocket;
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Buyer’s Guide – How to Choose a Fishing Backpacks

In fishing bags and backpacks you can carry a variety of fishing gear, an inflatable boat and tent, and even a bucket for the catch. Some models are equipped with various boxes and boxes for storing small gear, and accessories. Such bags differ in capacity and are designed for transportation of boxes with fishing line and hooks, coils, water bottles, clothes and other accessories, which are necessary for the fisherman in the process of fishing.

Choosing fishing pack can be troublesome so make sure you take into consideration the following aspects:


The weight of the fishing bag is determined depending on its type (easel or soft), the number of additional elements like pockets and straps, load of the backpack with fishing gear. In terms of season, backpacks for fishing can be for summer or winter. A summer backpack for fishing can be with a heavy frame, because in summer it is much easier to move along the riverbank or the forest and therefore a small amount of additional gravity will not be so noticeable. In winter, snow drifts do not allow moving, and therefore too heavy backpack can take a lot of effort. Then fishing will not be fun. Therefore, a backpack for winter fishing should be as light as possible.


Pockets allow the angler putting a lot of small things more rationally. Moreover, one can carry all the necessary tiny things with him just in pockets. Fishing packs should have pockets for baits, coils, jars, which is very convenient. Some models are equipped with removable pockets-bags or pockets for drinking systems. The main compartment of the pack should be where the lion’s share of the necessary items is stored. The compartment for the sleeping bag is for the storage of sportswear, change shoes and various equipments. The divider in the main compartment separates the main compartment of the backpack from the lower part where the sleeping bag is placed. Such a partition is unfastened. Pockets serve for the placement of useful items: upper (on the valve) – for the map, compass, flashlight, camera, first-aid kit and other things that should always be at hand (the most reliable place for fragile items); space at the bottom is for small items (not suitable for fragile items); the front area (on the outside) – for books, notebooks, papers and other flat objects; side pockets are for small items that you may need at any time (a bad option for fragile things); on the strap – for a flashlight, a bar, a handle and objects of elongated shape; on the lumbar – for a compass, map, navigator, phone.


It is obvious that loading the pack with heavy items can cause uncomfortable feelings and make you move slower. However, there are other issues that can make wearing pack comfortable and not. Unloading belt is absolutely necessary if you are going to move around a lot and carry a heavy load on your back. It redistributes weight from the back to the hips, unloading the spine. In addition, it fixes the back of the backpack and does not allow it to hang out. The chest strap keeps the shoulders. In addition, it reliably fixes the backpack, completely freeing your hands. There should be the ventilation system on the back and straps that prevent excessive sweating and rubbing of body parts that are closest to the backpack, and the lower entrance will facilitate access to the contents. To ensure that the straps do not bump into the shoulders, they have to be stuffed with special filler at the points of contact between the strap and the body. It is good, if filler is a soft polyurethane or propylene foam. Fabric inserts are used in inexpensive models, but they are rigid and often twisted.


Pay attention to the water-repellent properties of the material of fishing pack. It is important but not in all cases it will be useful. Such backpacks equally badly get wet and dry up. For a long journey more “blotted” materials are better suited, since the rapid drying of the backpack during parking is a primary factor. To protect the pack from getting wet it should include a raincoat, which is a waterproof case that is worn on the backpack from above during heavy rains or snow. Raincoat significantly increases the moisture resistance of the pack, especially in places of zipper.


How big the backpack is, indicates the maximum amount of cargo that can be carried in it without risk of damage to the items. It is indicated in different ways and can be read on the label: some manufacturers mean by the volume of the total capacity of the backpack, others mean the capacity of the main compartment. The size of the pack depends on the volume, which in most models varies from 10 up to 30 liters. The choice of volume depends on the purpose of the backpack, and conditions of its use: small (10-30 liters) – for daily fishing; average (30-60 liters) – for weekend trips, short trips; large (60-130 liters) – for long walking and fishing. Great value is determined by the duration of the trip: 2 days – 28-40 liters; 4-6 days – 40-50 liters; 7-10 days – 50-60 liters; 10-16 days – 60-80 liters; more than 17 days – 80-100 liters and more.

Bank Fishing

Backpacks for long periods usually have a volume of over 50 liters, and up to 100 liters. Such volumes can carry a large amount of equipment for long distances, and even for a long time. Also, often, these backpacks are equipped with a system of belts and straps, slings, loops and fasteners for additional equipment. There should be a suspension, which is anatomical and has waist belt, which spreading the weight from the back to the legs and the pelvis. Having a back ventilation will give freshness to your back during a long walk and will save your efforts.

Multi-Day Trips

The pack, which volume is 45 – 75 liters – a good option for this type of fishing. It’s a medium-sized backpack, suitable for short trip for 2-4 days. There should be enough pockets and storage compartments, adjustable straps, raincoat.

Short Trips

For short trips, pay attention to backpacks in the volume less than 40 – 50 liters, as they are designed for several day trips, made of lightweight materials, do not have extra pockets and attachments, have a lightweight back structure. Be careful, normally lightweight backpacks have a clear load limit that they are able to withstand to provide a comfortable and trouble-free transportation of fishing gear.


Choose a backpack of proven brands. Carefully look for reviews of the backpack. Make sure the quality of the seams, zippers and other compartments are of a high quality. The backpack should be tall and narrow, desirably water-resistant. A model of such form will not cling to branches in the forest and other obstacles. Do not forget the choice depends on type of fishing and how long you are going to spend time.


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