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Best Hunting Gloves (March 2018) — Reviews And Top Picks

Mid and late season hunting do not please with the warm weather. Every hunter probably afraid of missing the shot due to the hands is frozen. That’s why hunter should choose a good pair of gloves to provide him absolute comfort and warmth. However, finding suitable gloves may be not the easy task everyone waits for. Manufacturers do not stop to experiment with the breathable materials, inventing technologies that kill the odor, microbes, regulate the heat and many others.

If you are confused and do not know what gloves to select then we are glad to present our list of the best hunting gloves that every hunter may like and choose the best one pair. Our recommendations may help you with the purchasing a good one hunting gear.

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  • Sitka Men’s Merino Liner Glove


  • /5 Stars
  • MATERIAL TYPE: Merino Wool 18.9 Micron Knit
  • COLORS: Optifade
  • Check price!
  • Keeps your hand warm along with moisture absorption
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  • Glacier Glove Alaska Pro Camo Waterproof Insulated Glove
  • /5 Stars
  • MATERIAL TYPE: Genuine Leather Palm
  • COLORS: RealTree Xtra
  • Check price!
  • Provides absolute warmth and lets your skin breathe
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  • Primos Stretch-Fit Gloves
  • /5 Stars
  • MATERIAL TYPE: Polyester
  • COLORS: Mossy Oak, RealTree, Black
  • Check price!
  • Lightweight, breathable and easy to wear
1Sitka Men's Merino Liner GloveMerino Wool
18.9 Micron Knit
OptifadeM, L, XL
2Seirus Innovation 8145 Mens Xtreme All Weather GlomitPolyester, Spandex, Palm PatchBlack, Break Up Infinity, RealTree XtraM, L, XL, 2XL
3Kryptek Highlander Norlander Merino Wool GlovesPolyester, WoolHighlander, SolidTanM, L, XL
4Glacier Glove Alaska Pro Camo Waterproof Insulated GloveGenuine Leather PalmRealTree Xtra S, M, L, XL, 2XL
5Hot Shot Mens Defender Winter Thermal GlovesPolyester
Brushed Tricot
Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity, Mossy Oak Break Up Country, Realtree, BlazeS, M, L
6Rocky Men's Silent Hunter Waterproof GloveSuedeRealtree XtraM, L, XL
7Primos Stretch-Fit GlovesPolyesterMossy Oak, RealTree, BlackOS
8Under Armour Men's ColdGear Infrared Speed Freek GlovesPolyester, Synthetic Leather, Spandex, Silicon ImportedRealtree Ap XtraS, M, L, XL
9HECS Gamehide GloveStretch fabricMossy Oak Country, Realtree XtraOS
10Sitka Gear Fanatic GloveStretch-woven polyesterElevated IIM, L, XL
11Kryptek Men's Krypton GlovesPolyester, SpandexHighlander, Mandrake, Inferno, TyphonS, M, L, XL



Cold Weather Gloves

The convenience and comfort during hunting largely depends on the hunter’s clothes. If it is made of light, durable and warm materials, the hunter will be able to enjoy all the delights of hunting to the fullest. Winter hunting gloves are necessary gear for a hunter in winter or mid-season to protect hands from low temperatures that may lead to hypothermia. They also protect hunter from damages, make keeping a gun or equipment firmly. Most often in the production of hunting gloves manufacturers prefer to use neoprene, fleece and other various combinations of material. For example, hunting gloves made of neoprene have good elasticity; tightly fit hunter’s hands, providing free movements. These gloves stand out by high sensitivity, waterproof and good thermal insulation. It’s better to wear when the temperature does not drop below 0 °C. For lower temperatures, it is better to use heated gloves for hunting or mittens that are made of neoprene or fleece. They also save heat and are tactilely pleasing. Great popularity among hunters is used by gloves with detachable fingers. You do not need to remove them to change the bait or recharge the gun. Gloves made of wool are also in great demand due to their great warm quality. Gloves for winter hunting should be not only warm, but also comfortable, to enable the hunter to contact with equipment, do not let the wind inside and do not get wet through. These can be hunting gloves or mittens, as well as knitwear. The necessary gloves are selected in accordance with the specific conditions in which the hunter will be and his peculiarities of perception of the cold.



Sitka Men’s Merino Liner Glove

Material type: Merino Wool 18.9 Micron Knit;
Colors: Optifade;
Sizes: M, L, XL;
The Perfect Big Game Hunting Gloves!

The Merino gloves are made for the big hunting. It is simply can be worn under extra pair of gloves. You don’t need to worry if you get cold or whether the hands get heated. It is a perfect choice for active hunting performance due to the Merino controls the temperature and resists the odor.

You can wear them alone or with other extra gloves. It resists the odor and absorbs the moisture. They keep your hands in warmth for a long time.

A few customers complain that after not a long time of usage their fingers were wore out.

What we like
Odor resistant;
What we don't like
Not enough durable fabric;
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Seirus Innovation 8145 Mens Xtreme All Weather Glomit

Material type: Polyester, Spandex, Palm Patch;
Colors: Black, Break Up Infinity, RealTree Xtra;
Sizes: M, L, XL, 2XL;
The Comfortable Mitts to Hunt Any Weather You Like

The Seirus Innovation glove mitts present the gloves and the mitts in one item. It is suitable for hunting and fishing.

It is 100% waterproof and lets the skin to breathe. The mitt can be folded back and fasten with the magnet easily. The cuff can be adjusted to the necessary size.

The thumb does not come out that can be quit uncomfortable while hunting.

What we like
Folded mitts’ position included;
Adjustable cuffs;
What we don't like
The thumb stays covered all the time;
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Kryptek Highlander Norlander Merino Wool Gloves

Material type: Polyester, Wool;
Colors: Highlander, SolidTan;
Sizes: M, L, XL;
Absolutely Warm Gloves to Protect Hands From Cold and Wind!

These Kryptek gloves may be the best choice you have ever made. It provides absolute comfort while hunting and made of the greatest quality material.

It is made of 100% wool that provides the warmth. The gloves have the leather pittards. The cuffs are adjustable and fasten with the Velcro.

If you are going to hunt in the watered area then unfortunately, the gloves are not waterproof.

What we like
Leather pittards;
What we don't like
Non- waterproof;
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Best waterproof hunting gloves

If you look for a pair of gloves that will not only keep you warm but dry you should know what material is better to make gloves to be waterproof. Nowadays, more manufacturers started to use membrane. This fabric is referred to the latest technologies, which provides impermeability and great protection. It removes the moisture from the body and doesn’t get wet on the rainy day. The most wide-spread material is Gore-Tex. Thanks to the mesh lining in the protective layer of the membrane, it provides excellent water resistance. Winter gloves made of neoprene are not blown by the wind, and most importantly, do not get wet. Fleece gloves are windproof, soft and warm, however, such pair of gloves will definitely get wet.



Glacier Glove Alaska Pro Camo Waterproof Insulated Glove

Material type: Genuine Leather Palm;
Colors: RealTree Xtra;
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL;
Keep Your Hands Warm and Waterproof!

If you don’t want to get cold and wet you definitely need Alaska Pro gloves by Glacier. It will keep you warm and at the same time it lets your skin to breathe.

Gloves provide absolute warmth due to the thinsulate inside. It protects from the winter and thanks to the breathable material do not let the skin to get overheated. The palms have a genuine leather coverage that lets to hold a grip while hunting.

The elastic cuffs are not made of the waterproof material that is they soak through easily.

What we like
Thinsulate filling;
What we don't like
The cuffs are not waterproof;
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Hot Shot Mens Defender Winter Thermal Gloves

Material type: Polyester, Brushed Tricot;
Colors: Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity, Mossy Oak Break Up Country, Realtree, Blaze;
Sizes: S, M, L;
The Most Extreme Conditions Are Nothing With These Super Insulated Gloves!

This pair of gloves is a great combination of waterproof and insulation. Hunters may use them for any hunting conditions and surroundings.

It protects from the water and keeps hunter warm on a cold day due to the insulation inside. The grip on the palms provides anti-slippery effect.

It can be difficult to slip into the trigger guard with the fingers in these gloves.
The elastic wrists may seem not so comfortable or even too tight.

What we like
Grip insertions;
What we don't like
Too big fingers for the trigger guard;
Tight elastic wrists;
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Rocky Men’s Silent Hunter Waterproof Glove

Material type: Suede;
Colors: Realtree Xtra;
Sizes: M, L, XL;
The Elegance of the Suede Material and Its Silence Make This Pair Of Gloves Awesome!

The Rocky suede gloves guarantee a hunter total protection and what is more important provide an absolute silent hunting.

It is waterproof and has a thinsulate insulation. Due to the Atomic Technology, it kills the scent including the microbes. It is easy to fasten the gloves’ wrist with the Velcro strap.

Due to the fact that the material of the gloves is suede, it may soak through a bit, what admit a few customers.

What we like
Warm and comfortable;
Scent killing;
What we don't like
May soak through;
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Duck hunting gloves

To choose good gloves for duck hunting means that you should look for waterproof, warm and flexible gloves. You shouldn’t expect it’s easy to hunt a duck if the hands and fingers are frozen, so you can’t pull a trigger. Gloves shouldn’t be bulky in your hands. A pair of thin gloves that fits your hands is better than a pair that is thick and cumbrous. If you’re going to hunt during cold and rainy seasons, you probably need to look for waterproof gloves for duck hunting. The best duck hunting gloves are those that are made of neoprene or definite synthetic materials, for example, nylon. They provide a hunter with the so-wanted warmth, waterproof and flexibility but also they let hands breathe, so you keep hands dry. The choice of the gloves depends on hunter’s needs and the conditions in which they’ll be hunting. Above all, you’ll want to ensure your duck hunting gloves fit you well and are comfortable.



Primos Stretch-Fit Gloves

Material type: Polyester;
Colors: Mossy Oak, RealTree, Black;
Sizes: OS;
The Best Choice For Spring Turkey Hunting!

The stretch fit gloves perfectly suits for spring turkey or early bow hunting. As a hunter who carries a lot of equipment and a gun, you won’t feel the gloves on the skin as they’re super light.

It is easy to wear the gloves due to the stretchy material and a light weight. It lets the skin to stay cool as the gloves absorb the moisture. The cuffs are extended that provides an extra protection of the hands.

It goes only in one size, which can fit not every hunter. Gloves may repel a bit of water, but it’s not waterproof at all.

What we like
Moisture absorption;
Extended cuffs;
What we don't like
One size only;
Non- waterproof;
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Under Armour Men’s ColdGear Infrared Speed Freek Glove

Material type: Polyester, Synthetic Leather, Spandex, Silicon Imported;
Colors: Realtree Ap Xtra;
Sizes: S, M, L, XL;
Gloves That Prevent From The Stinky Odor!

Under Armour gloves are created for real hunters who prefer to hunt in extreme conditions. It combines all features which every hunter may look for.

A special Cold Gear technology absorbs and retains the heat of the body. Another Scent Control technology kills the odor. Whenever you need to use the phone it is easy to do it due to the fingerprints for touch. The extra grip is provided thanks to the silicone palms.

These gloves will not protect you from the water.

What we like
Circulates the heat;
Kills the odor;
Compatible with the phone;
Silicone palms;
What we don't like
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HECS Gamehide Glove

Material type: Stretch fabric;
Colors: Mossy Oak Country, Realtree Xtra;
Sizes: OS;
Great Gloves with Non-Slippery Palms to Hold Your Hunting Gun!

Hecs gloves are what every hunter should choose for any hunting type. These lightweight gloves have rather durable performance that totally would delight hunters!

The palms have grips that make the gloves to be functional while hunting. The cuffs are soft which do not irritate the skin. It is comfortable to wear due to the stretchy material.

It has one size only, what makes them not compatible with the hands of some hunters.

What we like
Stretchy fabric;
Soft cuffs;
What we don't like
One size only;
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Deer hunting gloves

Hunting deer as any other animal requires a good gear. Choosing the best pair of deer hunting gloves, you should pay attention to the following features. It is important that the gloves are scent controlled. To hide hunter’s scent is important during deer hunting. Since, the hands may sweat it is necessary, additionally to scent control feature, look for breathable material as it lets the skin breathe and not get overheated. It is not necessary the gloves be too long since you hunt not a waterfowl but a deer. As for the camo pattern of the gloves, you can choose any of them according to your surroundings as even neon flashy patterns do not affect deer hunting.



Sitka Gear Fanatic Glove

Material type: Stretch-woven, polyester;
Colors: Elevated;
Sizes: M, L, XL;
Great Choice To Hunt the Whitetail!

The Fanatic glove by Sitka provides warmness and is made for skillful hands. This model has half fore and thumb fingers to make it comfortable for a hunter to pull a trigger. It is a perfect match for whitetail hunting.

The stretchy polyester material is very comfortable to wear. It is lightweight and suits for early hunting. Both of gloves have half-finger design for left and right handed hunters.

It may be too slippery for carrying a weapon as there’s no rubber or leather on the palms. The fabric is not warm enough that is why for late hunting season you will need extra warm gloves.

What we like
Half-finger design;
What we don't like
No anti-slip material on the palms;
Not warm ;
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Kryptek Men’s Krypton Glove

Material type: Polyester, Spandex;
Colors: Highlander, Mandrake, Inferno, Typhon;
Sizes: S, M, L, XL;
Hunting Gloves That Works Even With the Phone!

The gloves by Krypton are a good choice for hunting on a cool day to protect the hands but keep them light. Moreover, the new version has fingers which are compatible with the screen.

The gloves are lightweight. You easily can use the phone if needed without taking the gloves off.
You may regulate the size with the Velcro cuffs. The palms include the silicon insertions for a better functionality.

Customers claim that the material of the gloves is a bit thin than they expected. They are not insulated if you look for gloves to hunt in cold extreme conditions.

What we like
Compatible with the phone;
Adjustable cuffs;
Silicon grip;
What we don't like
Thin fabric;
No insulation;
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Buyer’s Guide

Types of Gloves

Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless gloves are characterized by a very convenient and multifunctional design. They do not interfere with hunter’s activity in different conditions. Synthetic materials provide good adhesion to the surface of anything hunter holds. On the glove cuff, there are special nylon loops, which can be used to fasten items to the carbine. Fixation, in this case, is carried out by Velcro, due to which the glove completely copies the smallest anatomical features of the brush. However, the choice of fingerless gloves is not the best for hunting in winter, as you definitely may freeze the fingers out. Fingerless gloves are great option for hunting in mild conditions.


  • Convenient design;
  • Easier holding of gear;
  • Skin of the hands breathes;
  • Good choice for hunting in summer and spring.


  • Cannot be used in cold weather conditions.

Full Finger Gloves

Such gloves can be used under any temperature conditions. Breathable material ensures optimal circulation of air masses. Such gloves are easy enough to clean. Extra reinforcement on the fingers ensures maximum strength. In most cases, hunting gloves with fingers are resistant to various negative effects of chemical type. The presence of a special membrane ensures waterproof. The palm part of the gloves is made of non-slip material. Provided that the skin is used for the manufacture of gloves, it first passes the laser embossing procedure. This allows you to achieve maximum sensitivity afterward.


  • Protection from moisture;
  • Protection from damages;
  • Additional gear to mask hunter’s presence;
  • Keep hunter warm.


  • Incorrectly selected model of the gloves binds movement;
  • Wearing winter gloves is difficult to use hunting equipment;
  • May last not too long.


The ordinary mitten design gloves are actually in great demand among hunters who hunt in very cold extreme conditions. The mittens that are designed for hunters often have pop-tops that let you rapidly make fingers free, and you don’t have to take off the gloves completely.


  • Keep hands warm;
  • Can be redesigned into fingerless gloves.


  • It can be not easy and comfortable to grab or hold things, especially when you have to do it fast.

Riding Gloves and Falconry Gloves

The common falconry gloves include covering fist and wrist, same as forearm too. Such gloves are often made of high-quality leather; in particular, this can be buckskin or moose leather. These gloves have definite, specific details, for example for handling birds, which you probably won’t find on other glove types, such as a D-ring around the palm and a tassel by the wrist. It’s necessary to keep them clean and condition gloves otherwise they become stiff with exposure to the bodily fluids from the kills of the falcon.

Horseback hunters require specific gloves that can adapt to riding and shooting. Riding gloves are made to provide enough dexterity; fingertips are made of light material.

Remember that these types of gloves are made exclusively for hunting a falcon and they may be not suitable for common hunting predators.

Types of Materials


Gloves made from GORE-TEX fabrics are characterized by long-term water resistance and wind protection combined with optimum breathing ability, which increases the protection and comfort of the hunter. The membrane is the heart of these gloves. Its micro porous structure represents the outstanding characteristics that this material is famous for. GORE-TEX multi-layer fabrics are created by connecting the membrane between the high-quality liner and outer cover materials. Recently, this material is considered to be the best one for producing clothes but there are some disadvantages you may not hear about. It is not so breathable if to compare with tightly woven cotton. If the pores of the Gore-Tex are blocked then you definitely will get super hot. If the membrane will be pierced then you can forget about waterproof. The price for such pair of gloves is always too high.


Leather gloves are a natural item, as the leather is a soft material that also is well correlated with the skin of the hands. Leather gloves are breathable and long resistant to wear. Gloves can have small scars, scratches, which do not reduce the quality of the leather but only gives a typical sign of high-quality natural material. Leather gloves, thanks to the material, within a short time acquire individual features of the shape of your hand. A wide variety of padding allows a hunter to wear leather gloves at any time of the year. However, you shouldn’t forget that leather gloves can be damaged under the influence of the high temperatures, the frequent influence of the water affects leather’s color and form, if there’s also frequent rubber of such gloves then they will get scraped very fast.


Fleece gloves are light, warm, breathable, quickly dry and with all this worth negligible. Even in specialized shops, fleece gloves that are produced by famous manufacturers rarely cost more than $ 20. Fleece is especially popular, due to its low weight and excellent ventilation. It not only heats the hands but also does not let them sweat, what is very important in the cold weather. Fleece gloves are warm but they do not provide waterproof. Moreover, the material in a short period of time loses its properties.


Woolen gloves are a simple and practical solution for hunting in cold weather. First of all, gloves made of wool should be soft and very pleasant to your hands. If the wool is pricked, it is worth considering whether to buy them as you may find it inconvenient to stay in such gloves for a long time. The feeling of discomfort will distract hunter. Gloves should not shed. If you noticed the wool changed the color, then it makes sense refuse to buy it. If such gloves contain synthetic materials, it’s not bad. It just helps to keep the gloves in their original form and protect them from deformations. However, if the synthetics level is higher than the wool, then it can’t be considered as woolen gloves.

What you should pay attention to choosing hunting gloves


Having gloves that can resist anything is really important for a hunter. You have to make sure that the gloves will not tear up as soon as you take a gun or set the bait. Durability is a must. Otherwise, there’s no point to having them at all. In addition to that, it is important for the hunter to have durable because they protect him from scratching and hurt as hunter often has to deal with thorns or tree limbs. In this case, it is better to look for gloves made of leather, neoprene.


Since hunting requires a hunter to wait for a long time, you have to make sure that the gloves you wear are absolutely comfortable. Just pretend if you wear gloves that feel uncomfortable on the hands and which rubbing against the skin. As a result, you have irritated skin.


In the cold weather, it is important that your hands do not sweat and breathe. That is why the gloves should be made of breathable material. One of such material is GORE-TEX. It keeps warmth, but also lets the skin to breathe preventing the hands to become hot and lack in enough ventilation and air circulation.


Like any good hunter, you have to think about staying unnoticeable during hunting. For example, if you choose neon camo patterns then you risk failing to hunt a fowl or turkey as they will notice it from a distance. However, it won’t be bad in case of deer hunting.

Size and Length

Hunting gloves have the same sizing as any other types of gloves: small, medium, large, x-large, etc. It is easy to find out your right size of the glove with the help of the tape. For example, if you have 7 inches then you should get the small size. Remember that every manufacturer may change sizing, and the standard sizing board won’t help you to define the size. The manufacturer always should provide sizing for every model of the gloves. Don’t forget that gloves can stretch or shrink.

To choose the length of the gloves, you should take into account your demands and hunting environment. Hunting when it’s warm requires short gloves that let the skin to breathe and free movements. However, if you are going waterfowl hunting, you have to protect the hands with the gloves that reach the elbow.


The level of gloves’ insulation depends on the temperature and environment, how long hunter is going to spend time there and his features of the hands. Low temperatures require more insulation, and it’s a fact, but remember that making hands sweat in the cold weather cause of insulation is not good. The widespread common insulation for gloves is Thinsulate. Manufacturers should provide the information about % of Thinsulate in the gloves.


Picking up hunting gloves shouldn’t become a problem as long as you are aware of the important features to look for. When it all about the size or length, you should choose between small or large. They just have to be comfortable and fit your hands. The length of the gloves should be not too long and not too short. The camo issue also worth attention since the hunter has to blend into any environment perfectly. Don’t forget about gloves’ breathability and waterproof. The last thing to mention is the material gloves made of. The choice of material depends on the weather and environment, so it’s all up to you!


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