11 Best Hunting Rain Gear – 2019 Reviews And Top Picks

Hunters or outdoorsmen face many obstacles when they’re chasing game animals. One of the biggest challenges is beating the elements and in this case, it is rain. Being dry and warm in heavy rain conditions gives you an advantage over other hunters that would otherwise choose to stay home, so that you may stay out longer and have a better chance of getting that legendary trophy animal. Whether you’re trekking through wet undergrowth or plan a day out in your tree stand on those downpouring days, you need clothing that is specifically designed to keep your core insulated and your skin dry.
This buyer’s guide is arranged to help you pick the best rain gear available and will offer you a look into our favorite picks.

There is a major difference hearing rain hit natural surroundings and it hitting something man made like your gear. Deer and other wild game can easily distinguish the difference and will more easily be able to spot you. Sitka Gear perfectly observed this problem and designed a jacket that almost seamlessly blends to your surroundings during heavy rain conditions.


Excellent Noise-Reduction

Excellent Waterproof Design

Perfect for spending hours in the rain

Plenty of room for layering underneath



Only offered in woodland camo

Only covers head and torso

If you are looking for layering gear that is breathable and keeps moisture away from your skin, the Under Armour Men’s Storm Scent Control Barrier Jacket makes a perfect option. Under Armour are the experts in creating 100% breathable and sweat resistant athletic apparel with full mobility designs.


Zipper on neckline

Storage bag




Runs a size smaller than expected

Doesn’t include a hood

This a multipurpose rain gear. It comes with the hood so the head is totally protected from rain. Both sides of the poncho include row snaps, so you easily can make sleeves. The stainless steel rings that can be tied at the bottom to protect from the wind. Moreover, it is quite soft and comfortable.


Zipper on neckline

Storage bag




Bad zipper

Loose stitching

This warm 10X waterproof jacket is made to be used stand alone or underneath other clothing to provide moderate rain protection. It is built using scent control technology in a versatile design to allow you many options of use.



Excellent rain-resistance

Great scent control

Great insulation

Quiet under rain


Large and Heavy

Difficult to layer

This lightweight camo suit is a great option for keeping your gear dry when there are rain storms in your area. It completely focuses on keeping your torso and legs dry in unpredictable rain conditions and makes a great pack along outfit.


Great as a pack along

Unpredictable rain protection

Protects other gear


Not recommended for cold weather

Hard to move in


The Pro Action Camo Jackets is a fully lightweight and waterproof jacket that does not weigh you down. This jacket is great for when you just need rain protection without the added weight that goes into insulated clothing.


Excellent rain protection

Very lightweight

Easy movement


Not very durable

Not recommended for cold conditions

This Russell Outdoors Youth Jacket is designed to keep young hunters dry and warm. There is great care put into the lining and insulation design so that it adds all you could want in a hunting jacket.


Excellent cold weather protection

Excellent wind protection

Very waterproof

Great layering possibilities

Easy to move in


Not suitable for warm weather

May need to buy a larger size for youth to grow into

Do you already have great hunting clothes on but require some type of extra rain protection? This 100% waterproof poncho may be a great choice. Not only does it provide rain protection but also may serve many other purposes.


Great rain protection

Excellent multiple use opportunity

Directs rain away from you


May be uncomfortable to move in

Not recommended for cold conditions

The Camo Coll Soft Shell jacket is best for days you receive minimal amounts of rain and just need an all-around good quality rain jacket that not only performs well but feels comfortable.


Extremely comfortable

Mild rain protection

Great for use with a vest


Not suitable for heavy rain

May need to adjust size to allow layering

The MAGCOMSEN Men’s Tactical Coat is perfect for people that desire extra storage options while they’re hunting in cold and rainy conditions. Not only can you bring small accessories with you but mildly large ones as well.


Perfect for extra storage

Rain resistant

Adjustable drawstrings


Requires a larger size

May be difficult to move in

Zippers may break

If you are looking for layering gear that is breathable and keeps moisture away from your skin, the Under Armour Men’s Storm Hoody makes a perfect option. Under Armour are the experts in creating 100% breathable and sweat resistant athletic apparel with full mobility designs.


Great for layering

Smooth, stretchy and breathable

Water-resistant materials


Keeps you warm and insulated


Not recommended for use by itself in rain conditions

Only covers head and torso

Buyer’s Guide – Things You Might Want To Consider

When you are trying to determine the best hunting gear for rainy conditions, you also have to consider what conditions you are hunting in. Consider the pros and cons of each item before you make a selection.


hunting rain gear material

The most important factor for rain gear is the materials used in them because each material may not perform the same way under rain as other materials do. Polyester, for example, is known to be very strong and abrasion resistant, which retains its shape to lock in warmth and keep cold or rain out. Since polyester does not allow as much air through it, it can be considered less breathable than other types of fabric, which makes it best for use on your outer layers. Most often, polyester locks out water, so this makes it very waterproof. You need breathable materials on the areas nearest to your skin because you will tend to sweat while wearing heavy clothing, even if it’s cold out. Light fleece works perfectly when it is your inner layer because it is smooth, flexible, cool and comfortable so it won’t catch on your outer layers and will feel great on your skin.

Some brands will use a better quality of polyester or other materials and may even have created a special trademark technology that other brands may not use. You will want to closely consider what those technologies were extensively built for and how they are going to make your hunt easier. For example, the special brush faced fabric on the Sitka Gear Downpour Jacket was made to conceal the sound of water hitting you. This helps you out because deer will be less aware of you so you don’t have to be as cautious of movements you make. So considering the special technology behind the fabrics when you choose rain gear is definitely noteworthy.

Seam Protection and Quality

The materials used are one thing, but if openings are not wisely oriented on the clothing, they become useless and just let the rain or the wind in anyways. The last thing you want to have when you’ve bought rain resistant hunting gear is to find the water seeping into your inner layer. A lot of hunting gear will have special vents, zippers or removable hoods. Since these are all openings for water to get in it is a wise idea to keep them protected. For this reason, some clothing has flaps concealing the seams. The flaps will deflect water over or away from the seam so that it does not get into your inner layers. Also make sure that you know that the flaps were made of quality, because if they aren’t they will tear and rain will get in anyway. Make sure your seams are well guarded and you will keep dry much longer. The first line of protection is always the most important when it comes to rain resistance.


hunting rain gear insulation

Sometimes the environment you’re hunting may require extra warmth and other times it will not. Choosing rain gear with or without insulation is completely up to whether or not you need it. If you are in a more tropic or humid area, you definitely do not want to get rain gear that is already insulated because you will sweat and become too hot. The XTACER Multi-Use Poncho may be perfect for humid environments because it’s arms and legs are open for air to freely move through while it also shields rain from you.

Cold climates will make rain drastically colder than usual. In this case, you will need extra insulation to keep your core warm because the air and water are both colder. The Rocky Boys Pro Hunter

Full Zip Insulated Parka is specifically designed with added insulation for especially freezing rain situations and will keep you very warm. Depending on if it has insulation or not, they may also have special zippers inside so that you can take the insulation out when you don’t need it. So if you consider the climate and hunting season you will be hunting in, you will be able to more easily pick rain gear for hunting.


The weight of your rain gear will have a special role in your level or personal comfort. A heavy weighted clothing will normally make it harder to move through your environment and usually be warmer than a lightweight option. Pockets, additional insulation or hoods will add weight to each article of clothing because it uses more material. Lighter weight rain gear will usually provide the base amount of rain protection without any additional features and will be easier to move in. This decision usually is completely up to the environment you are hunting in and whether or not you will be moving, so consider what you will be doing.

Camouflage Colors

hunting rain gear colors

Camouflage is a very important factor for reducing the chance of your game animal detecting you. By breaking your outline up in your environment, camouflage will more easily blend you into your surroundings. When trying to choose a camouflage pattern and color, you need to consider what environment you are hunting in.

When hunting on a treeline that has very lush vegetation, choose color variations of light green to very dark green with patterns resembling the trees and bush’s leaves. Digital or Flecktarn patterns look very good when paired with vegetation. While being under forest canopies, choose camouflage colors of gray to dark brown with tree bark or dead branches. Real Tree or Mossy Oak offer excellent options for woodland camo. For desolate areas without vegetation or trees like grass or desert, you should choose patterns of camouflage that break your outline up and are of a similar color to your terrain. Digital or python camo patterns work great for these situations.

Best Hunting Rain Gear – Conclusion

So with every given factor and choice of gear, you will still have to make your own decision. We hope that the information and considerations will drastically help you in making your final choice.

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