How Long Does a Yeti Cooler Hold Ice?

How Long Does a Yeti Cooler Hold Ice

Planning a trip and looking for a Yeti cooler and are lost while choosing the right one? Let’s look inside the different models and check the ice test challenges they’ve passed through.

Hard Coolers

Hard Coolers YETI

If you are planning to have a long vacation and need a high-quality machine that will save your food from going bad, you can choose the right option between hard Yeti coolers produced by a trusted company. The variety of models gives you a chance to find a suitable item in accordance with your personal needs.

Surely, it’s difficult to tell which cooler suggested on the official website is the best as each model has its own features and will be used for various occasions. The variety of choices makes it hard to get the one you need. With the help of the ambassadors, you can select the right option.

The company suggests different models such as roadie and tundra hard coolers as well as the Yeti v series and others, with specs that can be found on the web page of each product.

For example, if you need to get a cooler with a high ice retention level, which can hold ice for days and isn’t very expensive, pick one from the TUNDRA series such as TUNDRA 105. It is a good choice for extended hunting and fishing trips or TUNDRA HAUL if you want to be more flexible as the model has wheels, and it makes your life on trips easier.

However, if you are in need of a tailgating cooler that will be suitable for handling big events, select the TUNDRA 350 model, as it has a maximum ice retention level.

Soft Coolers

Soft Coolers YETI

If you’re a person who prefers flexibility or just needs a soft-side model, you can also pick the right cooler from a variety of options. Soft coolers that don’t leak are also presented in different models, and customers can choose any size, color, and features they need.

For instance, the HOPPER FLIP 18 will be a good companion for hiking or kayaking with its leak-proof zipper and ice holding capacity. Are you not a big fan of long trips and looking for a small friend that will help to save your food on a daily basis? Choose a DAYTRIP LUNCH BAG, which is perfect for keeping snacks and drinks and is exact same cooler but just in a smaller size.

It should be mentioned that Yeti marine ice coolers can be used a decent amount of times due to their high-quality and different ice tests, which show that the longevity of Yeti products makes almost every customer happy with the purchases they’ve made.

Surely, it’s impossible to name the exact amount of days that any cooler can be used for, as there are lots of factors which affect ice retention, but the coolers produced by Yeti, which are built for unparalleled retention and can both keep your food cold or hot, will definitely last you for many days and become your true friend in any life situation.