What you need to know about coyote hunting - [INFOGRAPHIC]

What preparations to do before hunting a coyote

  • Take enough of the water;

  • Take high-calorie food;

  • Take an extra tank;

  • Take a first-aid kit;

  • Let somebody know your location.

The gear you need to have for coyotes’ Hunting

  • Electronic call;

  • Mouth call;

  • Decoy;

  • Rifle (204 Ruger, 223 Remington, 22-250 Remington, or 243 Winchester calibers) or shotgun;

  • Shooting stick;

  • Seat for waiting on a coyote;

  • Camouflage costume.

How to choose camouflage coyote costume

  • Consider the area of hunting;

  • Depend on the nature’s colors;

  • Make sure it is lightweight and breathable;

  • Cover hands with the gloves;

  • Make sure gloves has non-slippery coverage;

  • Wear a face mask.

What you should do for perfect coyote’s stand setting

  • Choose the highest elevation;

  • Check the wind’s direction as coyotes used to come downwind;

  • Do not walk in without camo gear;

  • Prefer to sit in the shady place;

  • Make sure the front are is clear.

Set up the caller and decoy properly

  • The preferable distance is up to 50 yards;

  • The ideal distance for decoy is 3 feet within the call;

  • Try to determine where coyote might come from to choose caller’s direction.

What you should remember when using electronic calls

  • Change the sound to make coyote be curious about it;

  • Use distress sounds for early season;

  • Find out more about territorial sounds to understand coyotes’ language;

  • Start the call at the low volume;

  • Try different time of calling (10-20 minutes).

What to so when coyote comes to your call

  • Try not to move a lot;

  • Do not stop the decoy and let it works;

  • Move if the coyote moves and stop when it stops;

  • Take a downwind direction;

  • Check whether there’s coyote’s partners behind you;

  • Do not take a moving shot.

Where you may find coyotes At

  • Can be found in the deserts;

  • Nearby the cattle as they hunt them;

  • Coyotes tend to be around the deer;

  • Look for the areas with the water source;

  • Look for the fresh tracks as well as for the scat ( new scat is dark with the flies around it);

  • Coyotes do not walk in the opened area but the area where it can hide from a danger;

  • Likely find coyote at the agricultural field.

Seasons to hunt coyotes

  • Summer is the period to rest for hunters;

  • In Spring coyotes tend to choose the territory carefully;

  • Winter is one of the best times for hunting as coyotes spend a lot of time to look for food;

  • In Fall hunting is perfect due to the weather and coyotes want to be called;

By Chris Hayes
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