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Best Socks for Hunting 2018 β€” Reviews And Top Picks

Best Socks for Hunting 2018 β€”  Reviews And Top Picks

There is no doubt that the most important thing when you go hunting is to protect your body and make everything to feel comfortable. If you have warm feet then be sure that you won’t catch a cold and spend more money that you could spend on the pair of best warm hunting socks. It is absolutely rational to invest your money in good socks to be ready for autumn and winter hunting season. Hunting socks should be extremely comfortable and do not let the feet sweat in the attempt to keep them warm. Here are the most effective and warm socks for hunting on the market to choose!

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  • Mobile Warming Heated Electric Socks
  • /5 Stars
  • Material: –
  • Size: 4-10; 10-14
  • Check price!
  • Type: Electric
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  • Thick Heat Trapping Insulated Heated Boot Thermal Socks
  • /5 Stars
  • Material: 93% acrylic, 6% polyester, 1% spandex
  • Size: 4-8; 9-12
  • Check price!
  • Type: Regular
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  • Under Armour Men’s Heatgear Tech Crew Socks
  • /5 Stars
  • Material: 97% Polyester, 3% Spandex
  • Size: M, L, XL
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  • Type: Regular
1 Mobile Warming Heated Electric Socks-4-10; 10-14Electric
2Thick Heat Trapping Insulated Heated Boot Thermal Socks93% acrylic, 6% polyester, 1% spandex4-8; 9-12Regular
3Under Armour Men's Heatgear Tech Crew Socks97% Polyester, 3% SpandexM, L, XLRegular
4Flambeau Men's Heated Socks KitWool, Polyester, CottonS, M, L, XLElectric
5Pembrook Wool Sport Socks (4-Pack)60% Merino wool, 10% elastic, 15% acrylic and 15% nylonS, M, L, XL Regular
6Rechargeable Battery Heated Socks KitCotton, Spandex-Electric
7Autocastle Rechargeable Electric Heated Warm Socks KitCotton, Spandex-Electric
8HotHands Heated SocksAcrylic-poly blend9-11; 10-13Regular
9Lectra Sox Hiker Boot SocksWool blend (17%)XS, S, M, L, XLElectric
10Lectra Sox Wader SocksWool blend (17%)XS, S, M, L, XLElectric



1. Mobile Warming Heated Electric Socks – Enjoy Keeping The Feet Warm Up To 11 Hours!

Mobile Warming Heated Socks will keep you warm up to 11 hours per 1 charge. This pair of socks is a blend of high-quality materials and heating technology. It is easy to change the heat level with wireless controller. The kit includes also includes 3.7volt 2200mAh Lithium-ion Batteries and AC Charger.

The Mobile Warming Heated socks have antibacterial tri-blend construction fights the unwanted odors and moisture-wicking high-stretch fabric absorbs the sweat from the skin. It has an integrated battery that keeps socks slim to make them comfortable under the outerwear. Using the wireless controller you can select 1 out of 3 heat settings and keep feet warm over 11 hours per charge.

The instruction lacks the details of usage. Battery life is not that long as supposed to be.

What we like
Touch control button;
Moisture wicking;
3 heat settings;
Wireless controller;
What we don't like
Poor instruction;
Low battery life;
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2. Thick Heat Trapping Insulated Heated Boot Thermal Socks – Forget About Annoying Itchy Material!

This pair of thermal socks are warmer than cotton and definitely softer than wool as they don’t itch. The brushed fuzzy lining is soft and provides comfortable feeling for your feet. To prevent the socks from sliding down there is a special ribbed top. You do not have to worry if your feet sweat as they absorb the moisture.

The socks are warm and moisture-wicking. They are washable only in cold water and should be dried tumble low.

They are a bit thin for outdoor wearing.

What we like
Thick thermal yarn;
Moisture wicking;
What we don't like
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3. Under Armour Men’s Heatgear Tech Crew Socks – Do Not Worry About Odor, Microbes And Other Problems Wearing These Socks!

Under Armour is a well-known brand that produces only high-quality clothes and gear. These pair of socks was made with the HeatGear fabric that absorbs sweat of your skin, keeps feet cool, dry and doesn’t overload them. Thanks to the ventilation channel the socks allow the skin to breathe. You definitely won’t regret purchasing these socks.

Ventilation channel integration allows full breathability of the skin. Anti-odor feature prevents the spread of microbes. Dynamic arch support reduces the fatigue of the foot. Strategic cushion also prevents bulk and increases flexibility of the socks.

Too tight around the calves.

What we like
Dynamic arch support;
Reinforced heel and toe;
Half cushion;
What we don't like
Tight around the calves;
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4. Flambeau Men’s Heated Socks Kit – Merino Wool Is What Chronically Cold Feet Needs!

This Merino wool and polyester pair of socks helps to get rid of the moisture and keeps toes warm thanks to the unobtrusive carbon fiber heating element. It has two heat options that warm about 6 hours. Each sock fits tightly the compact, lightweight and rechargeable battery at the top of the calf to prevent the sock from slipping down.

There are two heat settings: the high one warms feet about 4 hours and the low – up to 6 hours. The heating system is very thin that you won’t feel it. The socks come with lightweight 3.7V Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, AC charger with dual mini-USB cord.

The stitching on the inside of the sock may unravel.

What we like
Ultra-slim carbon fiber;
Consist Merino wool;
Machine washable;
What we don't like
The stitching unravels;
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5. Pembrook Wool Sport Socks (4-Pack) – It Is Time To Enjoy Warm Woolen Socks Without Itchy Effect!

Would you like to have the best hunting wool socks? The Pembrook Wool Sport Socks can be worn in any season. The socks feature cushion, venting and support. The mix of Merino wool and other fabrics makes the socks very durable and comfortable to wear.

The socks have reinforced toes and insoles. Thanks to the variety of materials they are great for every hunting season. The socks are easy to care of as they are machine washable.

For someone the calves may feel a bit tight.

What we like
Machine washable;
Non-itchy wool;
Merino wool;
Integrated support and cushion;
What we don't like
Tight calves;
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6. Rechargeable Battery Heated Socks Kit – Control The Heating Level For Your Comfort!

This is an absolute must-have for every hunter. 3 levels temperature settings keep feet warm. Moreover, there are windproof layer, heating layer and warm layer that absolutely make them to be the best heated hunting socks.

There are 3 level of heating: red – lasts 3-3.5 hours, orange -4-4.5 hours, green -6-6.5 hours. The socks absorb moisture and let the skin to breathe. They dry quickly and padded reinforced heel and toe focus the heat in one location. The socks come with 2x 3.7V li-ion batteries and 1x AC charger.

It is not machine washable but only brush cleaning is recommended.

What we like
Soft and stretchy;
3 heating levels;
3 protective layers;
What we don't like
Not machine washable;
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7. Autocastle Rechargeable Electric Heated Warm Socks Kit – 3 Levels Of Heating And All Necessary Features To Take Care Of Your Feet For Maximum!

These socks provide hunter with a good for blood circulation what is very important as you have to wait for a long time and keep the feet warm what means the whole body will be warm too. The electric rechargeable battery heats the warm socks with the 3.7V rechargeable li-ion batteries which can heat your feet at least 6 hours.

This pair of electric socks absorbs sweat, allows your feet great breathability and quick drying. Temperature raises fast and heat the front instep.

They cannot be washed by machine.

What we like
Absorbs moisture;
3 Levels Temperature Settings;
Stretchy calf;
Elasticized arch design;
What we don't like
Not machine washable;
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8. HotHands Heated Socks – Try Unique Warming Technology That Provides Only Natural Heat!

HotHands warmer like this pair of socks is air-activated that provides warmth when the temperature is extremely low. The socks are available in different styles. Hothands products contain iron, activated carbon and water. As soon as all the ingredients act together along with the oxygen, the ingredients produce the heat.

The major peculiarity of the socks is the patented pocket on the top of the toe. This pocket keeps HotHands sock warm-up which lasts up to 6 hours if to hold it at the same place.

The sock with warm pocket feels not very comfortable in the boots.

What we like
Natural heat;
TSA approved;
What we don't like
Not very comfortable in the shoes;
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9. Lectra Sox Hiker Boot Socks – Keep Your Feet Warm With These Electric Wool Blend Socks!

These socks are made to keep feet from cold avoiding making them swampy. Originally they were created to protect fishermen at the Northern Atlantic that means they will definitely be in a great hunter’s demand.

You can wear the detached battery pouch on a belt or simply put into a pocket. If the socks get wet, the electric system won’t shock you as it is waterproof. The socks provide 6-8 hours of warmth.

The sock use “D” cell batteries which are not included.

What we like
Quick drying;
What we don't like
Batteries not included;
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10. Lectra Sox Wader Socks – Enjoy Warm Comfort Of Your Feet Up To 8 Hours!

These electric battery heated socks are great to wear in the extremely cold weather conditions. The battery pouch is accessible at any time so you can control it. Sock has extra wide reinforced cuff and all the heat is focused on the toe that is the main part of the feet to keep warm.

They heat your feet 6-8 hours long. The padded reinforced heel and toe along with the recessed heating element help concentrate the heat in the toe area.

Batteries are not included to the socks.

What we like
Wool blend;
Heats toe;
Accessible battery pouch;
The wire doesn’t heat;
Shock and burn protected;
What we don't like
Batteries not included;
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Buyer’s Guide – How to Choose a Socks for Hunting

Heat preservation

This is the most important characteristic that you should pay attention to before making a purchase. Good socks should keep the heat of both feet for about 10 hours, even if they are submerged in snow. But, of course, if you plan to hunt in the Alaska area or any other less cold location, such socks will still suit you. To be reinsured will never hurt, agree?


We need our properties to last and obviously that incorporates our unassuming little socks that a great many people disregarded while getting ready for their defining moment amid the winter.

It wouldn’t be great if your recently purchased warm chasing socks has gaps in them after only one period of winter and we’re here to guarantee you that the socks you’re thinking about to purchase has the strength that you anticipated.

Preventing unpleasant odors and moisture

During the chase and hunting you would walk a great deal in a few conditions. When you cover great distances, even in the snow, you make your feet sweat a lot. Sweating will cause distress and obviously will make both of your feet smell in the wake of a monotonous day.

These characteristics guarantee that your feet will be the same dry and fresh, even after a day spent hunting. Such features are peculiar to really high-quality socks.


Of course, not all socks are the same, everything is just like in life, right? A few socks are more agreeable than the others because of the additional pad that a few brands put into their socks outline. Like quality shoes, quality socks should have the ability to limit weight on the legs, so you can go through this extra mile.

Like specified beforehand, almost all of hunters focus on the boots that they wear on their next chasing trip because every hunter realizes that when your feet become wet and soaked, the trip is successfully destroyed. But most hunters, even experienced, do not know about the existence of special socks, and wear ordinary socks, and this is a big mistake. But do not worry, we will help you choose socks and explain some features that you should pay attention to.

The first thing that you pay attention to when buying socks is comfort. No matter how soft or light your shoes are; if you put on uncomfortable socks, any shoes will cause discomfort. Of course, leg comfort is a very subjective, so before you make a purchase it will be better to measure your feet to choose the right size. Anyway, you should know that socks that give a curve and additional padding on high effect regions, for example, the toe and foot sole areas have a tendency to convey almost all people. As far as the materials that are the most agreeable, it’s difficult to beat fleece and silk.

By the way, wool is the best material for a very important factor – isolation. Wool will keep your feet dry even in the most unfavorable weather conditions. In case you’re anticipating chasing into colder and wetter conditions, a mid to heavyweight sock made out of wool is the best decision. The main drawback to wool is they take more time to dry than any other material, however this is the reason you ought to have numerous sets close by.

The following element to search for is the thickness of the socks. Light socks will constantly dry speedier, and it’s practically difficult to locate a thick sock that is quick drying. Light socks allow you to move your fingers more. Yet, thick socks are likewise hotter and give more protection, which why thicker socks are more recommended for long-term hunting.


It is impossible to describe how good and high-quality socks are important for hunting. The main thing to remember there are three the most important components of ideal socks – thickness, comfort and their warmth. If you buy socks based on these characteristics, you will get a perfect product!


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